Can You Say ‘Bingooooo’?

Nowadays bingo is becoming more and more popular in the UK. The rules are quite simple so you don’t need to master certain strategies to walk away a winner. Everything you should have is some good luck. That is why many people prefer it as a way to relax and gain profit at the same time. Yet, there is no greater adrenaline rush of winning a few bucks in some minutes.

Bingo history brings us back in Italy in the 16th century. That is the time when the Italian lottery is held every Saturday. A hundred years later, the game was moved to France where it used to be called ‘Le Lotto’ . It has been played by the wealthy French people. In the 20th century the game was brought to North America with the name ‘Beano’. That was the beginning of the fame of the today’s well-known game bingo.

The Principles of the Game

Bingo is a game which could be played both in bingo halls and online. The rules that apply for the different places are usually different. When it comes to gambling online, specific rules and payouts should be clearly written on the website of the bingo hall, which you have chosen. Generally, all players who want to take part in the game need to buy several bingo cards. They have numbers from 1 to 90 on themselves (the so-called American Bingo, however, is played with numbers from 1 to 75).

Each bingo card contains 24 squares with numbers and one empty square, which are situated 5 on 5 on each card. When the game starts, the operator pulls random numbers and has them declared. So, the one who gets a line first wins a bingo prize (a line of 5 numbers in horizontal, vertical or diagonal). The numbers on the bingo cards are randomly placed in the boxes. Each player can choose the bingo cards that would like to buy. Every bingo card is unique and there are series of 6000 and even 9000 unique bingo cards.

When the game begins, players are not entitled to purchase more bingo cards until they finish the game. During the game random numbers are being drawn and announced by the speaker in the bingo hall. You must check whether the particular number is included in your bingo card (or cards). If you have one or more cards, you should carefully note it on them. That should be done until one or more players call ‘bingo’. Then the game stops, the numbers are checked and the prize is awarded to the winner/winners.

The Most Popular Bingo Variations On- and Offline

Play and Win at Online BingoThe traditional bingo is a game of chance, which is played through a machine that contains 75 balls numbered from 1 to 75. The aim of the game is to note the number of the network gradually and reach the modem (modems are simple: vertical, horizontal, diagonal and complex). Bingo ’90 ball’ consists of three rows and nine columns. Such type of Bingo is won by one of ten years. Five fields are numbered in specific order. The winning combination is called the ‘Full House’. There are different bingo variants in countries around the world. In some regions, the game is a set of numbers and words. That means more fun, but also a bit more complications. Another bingo game that can be played online is called Buzzword. There are only words included instead of numbers. The online bingo rooms offer not only the traditional bingo games, but some innovative and original versions such as Video Bingo, ’80-ball’ and Joker Jackpot. They combine a card game and bingo.

Basic Tips and Strategies

Although Bingo is a game of luck, there are some important tips that you can follow to have more pleasant and profitable game:

Top-rated Rooms to Play at

What is The Best Mobile Bingo App?

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