Introduction to the World of Slots

Slots is definitely the most popular casino game around the world. It entertains a huge part of players worldwide. Slots has been the biggest symbol of gambling for all times. Not surprisingly, there is absolutely no casino that doesn’t offer slot machines (whether real or virtual ones). Many users prefer that kind of game because of the action and vivid animations. The thrill of playing in combination with modern bonus games remains unsurpassed. The first slot machines, the way we know them nowadays, appeared in the 70s of the 20th century. Today the most popular way for playing is online. Each casino makes everything possible to develop ever newer and more exciting slot games.

Basic Rules and Winning Patterns

Online slots are a great way of winning, while having funSlot machines have many variations but the rules of each one do not differ much in general. Everything you need to make is place coins in a slot machine and then hit ‘spin’. There are a number of horizontal lines (from 1 to 50 and even more, depending on the particular slot machine) along the length of the slot machine screen. Slot player wins when a certain combination of symbols falls in line when the reels stop spinning. The symbols are bright, easily recognizable and there are various combinations of characters that will bring profits to the users. The compounds are usually illustrated on the slot machine along with the corresponding table with the payouts of winnings. The payout depends on the combination, the casino slot game and so on.

Slot machines are either ordinary or progressive. When it comes to the first game type, winnings are paid on a fixed payout table. The difference between ordinary and progressive slots is that when you play progressive slots, you have the chance to win an attractive jackpot. Its amount constantly increases until someone wins it. The more players play and lose, the faster the size of the jackpot increases.

The Most Popular Variations

Useful Tips and Recommendations

There are some recommendations which, if followed carefully can significantly improve your gaming experience. We advise you to play slots for two reasons – first of all to have fun and then earn money. If you use the best strategy you could achieve both of those. On the other hand, some people believe that slot machines do not require any sort of strategy. That is not true. If you want to enjoy the game as long as possible you must play with low bets. You may not earn a big profit, but your time will be considerably more. And if you play more, your winning chances will also be greater. That makes sense, right?

Here are our top 5 tips for you:

  1. Do not play progressive slot machines unless you are going to place the maximum bet. Progressive slot machines give the jackpot only if they have used the maximum possible bet.
  2. You’d better play slots with either big jackpots or high payouts. Due to the lower operating costs, online casinos have higher payouts compared to the live casinos and therefore it is recommended to play slots online.
  3. If you hit the jackpot, take your initial balance and a little profit and leave the game. After winning, it is quite possible to lose your earnings. You should always know when to stop. One of the most important things in gambling, no matter what game you play, is the discipline and self-control.
  4. Try to avoid slot machines with high betting limits if you have a few bucks only. Always choose a slot machine with a bet limit which is suitable for your budget.
  5. It is always better to split your budget a few games instead of playing all at once. You can swap different games or to move to another slot machine.

The Best Online Casinos for Slots Players

Surely, almost each casino on the web offers a wonderful selection of slot games. There are not only the common but some modern versions such as 3D Slots. But if you seek first-class experience you should look for a reputable online casino. We are going to present you 3 operators, which are suitable for all slot lovers:

The Perfect App to Play on the Go

Although most of the online casinos nowadays are optimized for mobile devices, we have chosen to present you Bet365. The rich selection of slots there will gratify you. In addition, there are Daily Mobile Cashback and Mobile Slots Tournament. Whether you have an iPhone/iPad, Android device or another compatible tablet or phone, you can play instantly on the mobile website. If you do it day after day, you will receive a special prize. As a result of your daily playing you will get cashback on whatever the casino takes in total.

When it comes to the Mobile Slots Tournament, your aim should be to become one of the top 25 players. How can you manage it? Remember that you get three Comp Points for every £10 which you have wagered. So, the more you play, the bigger your reward is going to be. The fantastic selection of slots include branded titles such as Spiderman, Pink Panther, Beach Life, Irish Luck, Mr. Cashback, Safari Heat, Wanted, Hulk, Football Carnival, etc. The slick animations and user-friendly interface of all games will contribute to a truly amazing casino experience, when you are on the move.